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How does it works?

Smart Tel is a simple and easy way to make national and international calls. Once you have signed up, your registered numbers will allow you to directly make calls to any destination without the need for pins, cards or being held in automated queues. It’s completely effortless: you dial the access number, wait for the prompt, dial the country code and the destination number and you are connected.

Tell us where you’re calling from. Fill out the easy Sign Up form and tell us which phone you'll use to make your SmartTEL calls.

Tell us who you want to call regularly. If so, then Login to your online account My Account, enter your friend's name and international number in the Speed Dial page and SmartTEL gives you a unique speed dial number for each friend. Create it once, save to your phone and keep forever.

Call from your phone. Use your regular phone (mobile/ landline) to call the SmartTEL Local Access Number that we gave you. We'll connect the call over the Internet and pass the savings on to you.


How to make cheap international calls?

Dial the Local Access Numbers from any telephone numbers you have registered with us, you will hear the prompt announcing to you the balance on your account. You can then dial your destination number as normal with full country code.

If you dial the access number from phones that are not registered with our service, you will be prompted to enter your PIN. Please enter you PIN that you have received during your sign-up process. Once you enter the right PIN you will hear the prompt announcing the balance on your account. You can then dial your destination number with full country code.

If you dial a wrong destination number or you want to dial a different destination number, simply enter ## to proceed with dialing a new number.

Before the call is connected, you will hear how many minutes you have left in your account to the destination you dialled.

How to ‘Top-up’ your account?

You can top up your account anytime, please follow the following points:

Log on to your account through log in option on the SmartTEL web site.

Click on ‘Top Up’, then select the amount you want to ‘top-up’ and press the ‘top-up’ button.

It will go to our secure PayPal site.

Once your payment is successfully completed the web page will be redirected to your account details page in SmartTEL and you will get the successful account top up message.

You will then be able to confirm the latest balance on your account by clicking the balance option.

If for any reason your payment fails, your account will not be topped up and you will get an error message. If the error is relating to Your Credit/Debit Card, please contact your Credit/Debit card provider (Bank). If however the error is relating to any technical issues on the website, please call our customer care team.