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Wholesale Services

Wholesale Trading Platform

Our WTP is a web interface providing self-provisioning platform for wholesale operations, both for voice and sms traffic termination.

The main features are:

Support for mutliple quality levels routing, eg. premium routes with special prefix
Different rates sheets for different quality routes
Advanced statistics presented in form of comprehensive charts
Detailed CDR, import to various file formats
SIP support, transparent protocol conversion
Wholesale SMS support – protocols: SIP, HTTP.
Wholesale DIDs (virtual numbers) management
DID API interface, placing orders online from external applications through API (for providers offering virtual phone numbers services for retail customers)
SIP/h323 trunks (channels) management, ordering through API (e.g. calling cards applications, PBX trunks)
Online registration process
Online access to invoices
Online recharge option
Tresholds on low account balance triggering email warning.

How can carriers use SmartTEL A-Z Termination

SmartTEL delivers calls world-wide, VOIP access, TDM terminated, intelligent network. If your clients suddenly start a large amount of traffic to a new country, there is no need to worry. You can rest assured that your customers will be experiencing a high quality call.

• Rates
• Billing 1/1 second billing
• Protocols supported SIP
• Codecs supported G729, G723 and G711

Why SmartTEL?

Simplification: Perhaps the most important benefit of SmartTEL Voice Services is its ability to dramatically simplify your company's communications. You can:

• Confidently terminate VOIP calls onto a TDM A-Z route.
• Simplify communications between different countries. Send all your calls to SmartTEL with confidence.

Cost Control: With our expense management features, your company can benefit from network-based solutions, including consolidated discounts, advanced features, and network management capabilities.

Efficiency: Aspects of SmartTEL A-Z can also increase operational efficiency by:

• Ensuring your calls will always go thru. Perhaps you have a highly profitable grey route you are running, but the route will sometimes fail. Install SmartTEL A-Z as your backup route, ensuring your calls will always complete.
• Have a secure benchmark to test other routes against. Is your company constantly offered routes to countries where you are inexperienced with their normal audio quality? Compare the route with our TDM terminated route, and make a honest comparison.

Growth Management: As your business grows, you can count on SmartTEL to grow with it. Whether you need to add employees, create satellite offices, or expand into new markets, SmartTEL A-Z open architecture will accommodate your technological upgrades.