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Our Services

The services of SmartTEL are modular, scalable and flexible. They give customers the opportunity to customize VoIP solutions for their specific needs and help them minimize the risks of entering a new unknown VoIP market by providing security, technical support and a reliable VoIP billing platform.

Our ever-growing portfolio of VoIP and IP Telephony solutions and services includes :

A-Z Termination
Broadband Telephony
Online Manager
SMS Callback
Service Numbers
VoIP Tunneling
Inbound numbers

CallShop and Hosted CallShop Solution
VoIP Termination Solution
Wholesale Carrier Solution
Pre-paid & Post-paid Calling Card and Residential Solution
VoIP Solution for Corporate Companies
VoIP Reseller (White Label Reseller)

SmartTEL's services facilitate businesses and individuals across the world to substantially reduce their International Call Costs through VoIP. At SmartTEL, we fully understand your business and know how important it is for you and your clients to get support when you most need it. SmartTEL Solutions benefits are based on its economic cost of deployment, maintenance and rapid return of investment in only a few months.

SmartTEL has full comprehension of all VoIP business models allowing our customers to offer specially customized intelligent VoIP billings features and customer management systems tailored to their business requirements so you they can take the most of the growing VoIP Industry.