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Retail Solutions

SmartTel offers off the shelf Retail solutions. This enables our customers to rapidly launch and manage there own retail services. Our investment in the state of the art technology allows our customers to focus on there core business, building and maintaining customer relationships and growing revenues without the capital expenditure, operating costs and diversions of network operation and management.

The solution allows our customers to:

Control their own margins
Develop customers database
Manage their own resellers
Generate traffic and revenue reports
CDR’s available to bill and reconcile invoices
Create branded Calling cards
Market non GEO numbers
Provide online account login to customers
Offer SMS an traditional Call back services

We build interconnects to your carriers and provide you with complete self control of multiple LCR tables via a web based interface. Our managed service is a powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use, high-capacity routing solution that provides maximum opportunities for flexibility.


Please contact us to discuss further at info@smarttel.co.uk