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Business Opportunity

The world of communications is changing faster than ever before. To keep ahead of the competition you need a telecom partner who is focused on your needs. The white label approach ensures that our service providers are able to react to changing market dynamics quickly and offer services to their target market in a cost effective manner without investing in costly networks or infrastructure. SmartTel takes away the challenges faced by service providers who want their own brand by providing access to our Next Generation network, therefore allowing our customers to focus on services, product management, sales and marketing functions to ensure that they are able to satisfy their market needs. The concept behind our managed service is simple, we do what we do best, operate and manage a complex network and all of its components and you just focus on marketing the solution to your customers.


Please contact us to discuss this business opportunity further at info@smarttel.co.uk



Resellers Web Platform

Smarttel Reseller Management (SRM): This online reseller module enhance SmartTEL by enabling resellers accounts structure. The resellers are divided in two levels with different rights. The system enables for selling VoIP services through network of service distributors/agents, which can provision their endures themselves though the web interface which is part of the module.

The module architecture allows resellers to have their own unique web module. Thus they become in fact virtual VoIP providers based on one, central system, with possibility to manage the web portal and online payment matters, etc.

Below are the main characteristics of the Resellers module:

Multilevel structure
Web-based management interface
Active customers monitoring
Advanced reporting
Account top-up system