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Online Home Accounts

SmartTEL has residential and business telephone service for our online retail customers. It is a prepaid account service that allows you to call anywhere in the world using your landline/ mobile/ web dialer from UK or use the web dialer from abroad to make worldwide calls by using your account. You need to open an account and saving money from the beginning.

Same Rate 24/7

No Monthly Charges

No Hidden or Minimum Charges

No Maintenance Fees

No Connection Fees or Surcharges

No Paper Bills or Contract

Per Minute Billing

High Voice Quality

FREE 0800 Access Facility

0207, 0845 Access Also Available

Speed Dial Your Favourite Numbers

Call from your Home, Office, or Mobile Phone

PIN-less Dial From Telephone Numbers of Your Choice

You can allow your account to be used by your family members

Secure Online Credit/ Debit Card Top-Up Facilities

View Call Records History Online

Manage your account from anywhere in the world.


Just 3 steps to get started...

To get registered, just click Sign Up, then submit your detail via registration form.

After successful registration, login to your My Account and top up any amount.

Start using international calls by dialling Local Access Numbers.