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Features & Benefits

SmartTEL services will provide you the convenience of an easy-to-manage online account, the reassurance that you won’t pay hidden fees, the hassle-free ease of PIN-less dialling and the comfort of knowing that help is available with our 24/7 dedicated customer service. With an easy automatic recharge feature, you’ll never lose touch with our calling service.

PIN-less dialing for painless calling: You can register CLI’s (caller line identification or phone numbers) – a home line, mobile phone or office line – and just dial the access number followed by the destination number to make a call. No PIN is required. If you already are a client, log into the My Account to register CLIs for PIN-less dialing. If you are not yet a registered client, Register/Sign Up now. Calling has never been so easy!

Speed dial your favourite numbers new: If like most, you call the same people on a regular basis, log into My Account and click on Registered Numbers under My Preferences section. Configure the desired numbers for speed dialing. A corresponding number (*1, *2, *3, etc) will be associated with your most frequently dialed numbers. Next time you call with SmartTEL, after hearing the IVR prompt to enter your destination number, simply enter the associated number. It’s that easy!

Easy Auto Top Up: Never run out of minutes with Auto Top-Up. Sign up today to get your account automatically recharged. Log into My Account and click on Auto Top-Up, then check the Auto Top-Up box. Select a monetary unit you wish to refill your account and when you balance reaches £1, your account will be automatically recharged. You can deactivate the Auto Top-up feature at any time from the My Account section of our website. A beep will be heard 15 seconds before you run out of minutes. For the Auto Top-up feature to replenish your account, you must end your call. You will need to wait 2 minutes to allow your account to replenish itself before placing another call.

Competitive rates: Contrary to many international calling cards, at SmartTEL, you only pay for the number of minutes you spend talking. Our rates have no hidden costs. We offer the best possible rates for calling South Asia and equally competitive rates to the rest of the world as well.

Follow-on calls: You need not dial the access number every time you wish to make a call. After the first call is finished, the IVR (interactive voice response) will prompt you to dial another number. Up to three follow-on calls can be made during one connection.

Last number redial: The last number that you called can be redialed by pressing #1.

No hidden fees: With SmartTEL International Calling Service there are no hidden fees, no maintenance fees and no rental fees.

Superior voice quality: Your voice travels over submarine cables and satellites, providing high-quality, error-free connectivity at all times. Voice quality is clear and demonstrably superior, free of any background noise or echo.

Worldwide usage in over 240 countries: SmartTEL International Calling Service can be used to call Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka as well as to over 240 other countries and territories across the world from anywhere in the UK.

24/7 Customer Service: At SmartTEL, we have dedicated customer service representatives ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer you a versatile, round the clock Customer Service, specially trained to address any support, clarification or assistance you need.

Great offers: Visit us online regularly and discover the many exclusive benefits and rewards that you can redeem as a SmartTEL customer. Our service is designed to provide our customers with the best international calling experience and more.

And that’s not all! There are even more value-added features to improve your calling experience:

Manage your account: You can edit your contact details, view the history of you calls, auto recharge your account, modify your speed dial numbers, change your registered CLIs and many other features. Simply visit the My Account section of our website.

Toll-free access numbers: Toll-free access numbers provide the lowest possible rates when calling.

Easy to purchase: Easy to purchase online or through our Customer Service department. SmartTEL provides all the advantages of an international calling card without the card.

Denominations: You can buy minutes in easy denominations of £5, £10, £20, and £50.

Mode of Calling: Customers can use SmartTEL International Calling Service with landline or mobile phones.

Customer Care:

We do deliver to you what we promise
Provide you consistency and reliability
Top up all accounts within 10mins of receiving cleared payments
Deal with all urgent email/correspondence within 24hours
Deal with all general email/correspondence within 48 hours
Deal with all technical/urgent queries received before 3pm each working day, on the same day where technically possible
We will take on all practical feedback from our customers and regularly review them with the aim of implementation for the better improvement of services to our customers.