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FAQ Videos: Show Me How?

How to Sign Up with Smart Tel UK?





How do I sign up with Smart Tel?
The most effective way to sign up to Smart Tel is through our online registration form. It is straightforward, easy and will take no time at all. Just click here for getting Sign Up Form.


Please remember at Sign Up form that you type your Contact Number (mobile/ landline number) correctly (this number will be the registered number, so you need not to enter PIN while you making calls). Also type your Email Address correctly (you will be receiving an email with Smart Tel login detail shortly after submitting the Sign Up form).


What is Promotional Code & How to use that?
Smart Tel provides various Promotional Code (a specific set of numbers). If you have any Promotional Code with you, then you need to type that code while signing up as a new customer to get the relevant benefits.


Which Access Number I should use to make a call?
We have various access numbers to make  a international calls such as 0207 122 0003. See our list of access numbers click here.