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How does Smart Tel work?
Smart Tel is a simple and easy way to make national and international calls. Once you have signed up, your registered numbers will allow you to directly make calls to any destination without the need for pins, cards or being held in automated queues. It’s completely effortless: you dial the access number, wait for the prompt, dial the country code and the destination number and you are connected.

Are there any subscription charges or registration fees?
No, there is no charge for subscription or registration. Once you have signed on, you are ready to top up and go.

What ways can I make a payment?
We have a safe and secure online payment service and accept all major credit and debit cards through Paypal.

Where can I find a list of charges for each country?
Our extensive website has a detailed list of all the countries available, with its charges and access numbers of a variety of countries-just select the country you wish to make the call from and to. Click here for International Call Rates.

Am I still charged if my call is unanswered or the line is engaged?
There are no charges other than the calls you make.

I have free minutes to national numbers given by my phone/mobile provider; will my free minutes be deducted when I use Smart Tel?
All our access numbers are local numbers to whichever country you are calling from, and so you will be charged at a local rate and accepted as a local call. There are no hidden charges, only the local access charges at the local rate will appear on your usual bills.

If I do not top up my account for a certain period will it expire?
No, there is no expiry time.

Once I open a Smart Tel account, do I always have to use the same phone in order to make calls?
No, your account is accessible from any phone even if it is not registered, but you will need to use your Pin number to make the calls.

I have made a top-up payment but my account balance has not changed and I am unable to make calls?
Before you make a payment, make sure you have the correct details in hand. If you pay by card, you will need the long number across the card, the expiry date, start date or issue number and the last 3 digits of your security number, found on the back of the card.

What should I do if my credit/debit card has been refused when placing an order?
If your credit or debit card was refused whilst placing an order on www.smarttel.co.uk, please re-submit your order using a different card. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your card issuer.

Do I receive confirmation once I have made a payment to top-up?
You can check the movement of your account by accessing your personal account using your number and password. A list of payments, calls made, the duration of the calls and much more are detailed in your personal account.

I have forgotten my password to access my details, how do I request a new password?
To request a new password, click on 'Sign In' and click the link ‘Forgot Your Password’. Enter your mobile number and email (registered with Smart Tel) in the box provided and an email will be sent with your new password. Once you have logged on with your new password you can certainly change it to something more memorable.

I Cannot make a connection to my intended destination?
Your destination number may be of a rural area where connection is not thorough. There can also be technical faults which are out of our control but we endeavour to update any news on our website to make all our customers aware.

What is the minimum & maximum amount I can top up?
You can top up minimum £1 and maximum as much as you want.

How long it will take to update my account?
Your account will be updated within 24 hours.

How can I see my balance?
After making a top up login to your www.smarttel.co.uk account and click ‘Overview’ you can see your current balance there or dial our access number from you registered phone to know your current balance.